Prepare For Dog Boarding With A Vet Visit

Do you plan on leaving your dog at the boarding kennel for a period of time while you go away? Boarding your dog can be a great solution when you travel, but it is something you need to prepare ahead for. If you think you may board your dog in a month or two, then it's wise to make a veterinary appointment first. Here are some things your vet can do during this visit to ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable stay at the boarders.

Update Vaccines

There are vaccines to protect against most common communicable diseases in dogs, including kennel cough, distemper, and parainfluenza. At the boarding facility, your dog will be in contact with other dogs, and so it is important that they are up-to-date on all of their vaccines. Most boarding facilities actually require that dogs are vaccinated before they visit. Your vet will review your dog's vaccine records, figure out which vaccines they are due to have, and administer those shots. Doing this a few weeks before you are due to board your dog ensures your dog's immune system has time to react to the vaccine and generate immunity before your dog meets with other dogs at the boarding kennel.

Recommend Calming Medications

Some dogs are perfectly calm and cool when it comes time to visit the boarders. Other dogs get a bit more worried and anxious about the experience, especially if this is the first time they are boarded or the first time they've been boarded in a long time. The vet can recommend some calming medications or herbs to help your dog relax and settle in at the boarding facility. There are milder supplements that can work in cases of mild anxiety, and there are stronger prescription medications that can work for more serious anxiety and restlessness.

Mobility Checkup

Most vets will also look over your dog and check for any joint and mobility issues before you send the dog to a boarding facility. This is especially important with older dogs. If there is any arthritis or any other similar issues, it's important to find out about them beforehand. This way, the boarding facility can know whether your dog needs limited activity or a modified exercise schedule. They're less likely to become sore because they spent too much time playing and running with new friends.

If your dog is due to visit the boarder, then make a veterinary appointment first. This appointment will make sure your dog is prepared for a healthy stay.

Make an appointment with a animal boarding service, such as Marquette Animal Hospital, to get started.