Dental Problems: Does Your Pet Need To Go To The Pet Clinic?

All animals, just like their owners, run into dental problems from time to time. Your pets may need to go to the pet clinic periodically to have their teeth cleaned, along with their regular pet care needs. Your pet is unable to tell you if they have an abscessed tooth or other dental pain, but they will show you in a variety of ways.

Here are signs your pet needs to go to the pet clinic for some dental issues. Don't hesitate to get them dental care right away as the pain can be severe and infection can set in fast.

Your pet is losing weight

Your pet will lose weight if they have a bad tooth because they're either too uncomfortable to eat, their food is too hard to eat, or they are feeling pain and they no longer want to eat. Even a few ounces of weight loss in a smaller animal is cause for alarm.

Check your pet's shoulders and hips, and if you can feel these bones sticking out more than usual, they need to see the vet in order to get blood work done. Blood work can help rule out what is wrong with your pet to cause them to lose weight.

Your pet has swelling in the face

Is your pet showing swelling in the face? Swelling, including their tongue sticking out, upper cheek swelling, and drooling, can all be signs your pet has a dental issue and need to be seen at the pet clinic. Swelling in the face can also be indicative of an allergy, tumor, or other serious condition, so take your pet to the pet clinic immediately so they can be treated with pain meds, antibiotics, and whatever else they need.

Your pet has smelly breath

A pet that has very smelly breath — usually noticeable when they clean themselves or pant — can be a sign they have dental issues. Your pet's breath being stinky is a sign they have lots of bacteria in their teeth and gums, which can be remedied in part by having a professional dental cleaning done at the pet clinic.

A pet clinic can provide your pet with quality dental care. Dental care is necessary for helping your pet feel healthy and preserve their teeth into old age. You can brush your pet's teeth at home to help them keep their smile fresh and intact as well; as your pet's vet what you can do to help keep dental issues at bay.

For more information, contact an animal clinic near you.