Is Your Cat Drinking Enough Water?

Some cats will eagerly lap up all the water they can but not all. If you have a cat who notoriously isn't interested in drinking from a water bowl, you could end up with a significant health problem on your hands. Here's what you can do about it.

Possible Danger

The biggest threat facing a cat who doesn't drink water often enough is kidney disease. This is an illness that typically develops gradually over time, but once it's in full swing, it will ultimately claim the cat's life. At this time, there's no cure for kidney disease in cats, and kidney transplants are extremely rare. So the best thing you can do is to ensure that your cat is getting enough to drink.

Get Checked for Dehydration

One of the first steps you should take here is to bring in your cat for a checkup at the vet's office. Your vet can perform a few simple tests of their blood to determine if they're dehydrated and if kidney disease is already developing. If your cat is dehydrated, your vet may recommend IV fluid therapy to get your cat back on the right track. This is the best thing you can do to make up for what your cat hasn't been drinking, so it's best to say yes to this treatment.

Water Fountain

From there, you need to take steps to figure out why your cat isn't drinking at home. One of the ways you can start is by trying out a water fountain for pets.

Some cats have simply no interest in stagnant water. Some cats even have difficulty noticing that it's there without dipping a paw in first. By introducing a filtered water fountain, you can not only ensure that your cat gets clean water but they are also more likely to show interest in the babbling, flowing water than a bowl of unmoving liquid.

Water in Food

Another way you can boost your kitty's hydration is by changing up their food. For starters, unless your vet has explicitly told you that your cat needs to eat dry food, it's a good idea to stop feeding it to them. Dry food is dehydrated and requires extra fluid in order for the body to sufficiently process it. So dry food may be causing more harm than good for your cat.

Wet food has plenty of fluid in it, but you can also take it a step further by mixing in a little extra water whenever you feed your cat. You can try topping off the cat food can with water and then mixing it together. Your kitty is unlikely to have an issue with the flavor and will very likely lap up the extra fluid.

If you're concerned about your pet, reach out to a veterinarian