Three Reasons To Spay And Neuter Your Neighborhood's Cats

Spaying and neutering a household pet is one thing, but what about the cats in your neighborhood? If there are a myriad of strays wandering around your area without anyone to care for them, then you could end up with an exploding cat population as they breed and produce several litters of kittens. Unfortunately, more cats isn't the only problem that these feral animals can cause for your home. If you want to control or eliminate the following problems, consider trapping any neighborhood cats, spaying or neutering them, and then releasing them back into the neighborhood. [Read More]

Ensuring Your Dog Has A Painless Death

Unfortunately, to the disappointment of dog owners, dogs do not live as long as humans. People only get to enjoy the company of their loyal furry friends for a limited time. Just as dog owners go to lengths to make their pet's lives as comfortable as possible, they struggle to make their dog's deaths bearable. Dog euthanasia may be necessary as dogs advance in age, develop incurable health conditions, or get severely injured and cannot respond to treatment. [Read More]

Prepare For Dog Boarding With A Vet Visit

Do you plan on leaving your dog at the boarding kennel for a period of time while you go away? Boarding your dog can be a great solution when you travel, but it is something you need to prepare ahead for. If you think you may board your dog in a month or two, then it's wise to make a veterinary appointment first. Here are some things your vet can do during this visit to ensure your dog has a safe and enjoyable stay at the boarders. [Read More]

Aural Hematomas: What Dog Owners Need To Know

From time to time, some dogs develop what are known as hematomas in their ears. These are basically pockets of blood that form in the ear tissue after a blood vessel bursts. They are also sometimes known as aural hematomas; the word "aural" means "ear." Most hematomas will eventually drain and heal on their own, but leaving them to heal on their own may cause unnecessary pain and permanent deformities of the ear. [Read More]